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We will NOT answer QSL's from these stations: 9Q50AR and 9Q5OAR!
We have send out QSL's via buro to EVERY QSO we made. If you think you have not received your QSL via buro yet, please check your call via this link and do a request OQSL and we will be glad to answer your QSL via BURO (no charge) or DIRECT (2$ a card + SAE). Please DO NOT send any QSL's via buro anymore. Protect the environment...

The 9Q50ON team

The final stage is on it's way now. We send out all buro QSL card's. We will take a look at the incoming buro QSL's when there's a complaint. Look in our log if we logged you before you complain! If you are in the log, you will receive a card. We have send out QSL's to every QSO we made, so don't worry!

The QSL team

Friedrichshafen_hamvensionSome of the members from the 9Q50ON expedition will be at the ham exhibition in Friedrichshafen. With us we will take a box of empty QSL cards and a printer. For those who wants to get a QSL card from us will get one! You can recognise us from the T-shirt and the logo. Sign your call at the UBA site.....or send us an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More info to come...

The latest update on our LOTW users:

31966 QSO's have been uploaded. These are indeed more QSO's than originally made. This is because the QSO's made by Patrick back in July are also uploaded in LOTW + some call corrections that were made. From these 31966 Q's more than 40% have been confirmed. This indicates that more and more good DXers are using LOTW!

Still +100 envelops are received every month. The next wave will be the conformation of the buro QSL's....

lotwThis week we uploaded the LOTW file. Within the first hour about 12.800 Q's were confirmed! Not only the QSO's from our expedition back in December are uploaded, but also the 1000 QSO's that were made in July by Patrick are uploaded. The +100 envelopes that reached us recently are also ready to be send out.....stay tuned! The next step will be the buro QSL's. We are planning to send out the rest of the log through the buro. Please check if your callsign is in the log because there maybe a mistake in the log. Send This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you think the QSO you made is not in the log, so we don't send cards out that were suposed to be for someone else....
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